39. Final edit

This is our final edit. We are really happy with the final film and we spent ages finishing it.


47. Task 8 – The Audience Feedback task.

TASK:  Post your video on YouTube and Facebook.  Access the ‘insight’ part of the site and assess how many people have viewed your video, where they are from etc.  On Facebook, get your friends to leave feedback.  Also film your classmates giving feedback on your film and post this.

I sent this to family and friends to give there feed back on our media video. I really liked the feed back they gave



43. Task 4 – Who would be the audience for your media product?

TASK: Create your perfect audience member, give them a background, a picture, a ‘tribe’ www.uktribes.com and www.findyourtribe.com, what music do they listen to, what TV do they watch, what films would they go and see?

To understand the demographic of our audience, I created a picture of our ideal audience member. Through the website http://www.uktribes.com/ I determined that my perfect audience member would be interested in old movies, crime and very low key and keep themselves to themselves and have a lot of interest in certain topics but are not the type to post on certain media and very private. These teens and over 50s are very interested in what’s going to happen and the older generation is able to relate to the film. The definition from find your tribe says The New Casuals are unchanged on the map – think twenty-something, understated lads that consciously maintained low-key style from Norse, APC and Folk. Their hate of hype and broadcasting their lives makes them polar opposites to the Hype beasts! While they share a love of music, festivals, fashion and footy – the Hype beasts are all about niche language, products and ‘getting in there first’

I chose to create a short slideshow showing an analysis the image of my “perfect” audience member at school.


Further information about her:

  • Favorite bands : the script, coldplay, one republic
  • Favorite song: hollow, love you goodbye, for the first time, small bump
  • Favorite foods:ice-cream, pasta, pizza, chips
  • Favorite places to shop: topshop, urban outfitters
  • Favorite things to do in her free time: sing, write songs, walks, movies
  • Favorite social media: Facebook, snapchat, Instagram

My perfect audience member would be one that is very casual and relaxed. They have to be slightly interested in the genre or else they probably wouldn’t enjoy my film  as much, but since there are aspects of romance in our film that would draw there attention and make them want to watch it. A new casual would be very interested in my film really enjoy it.

Thank you to Georgia.